%22Kuwanda Huuya%22( To Be a Multitude i

David Chinyama is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist specializing in visual arts, design and interactive media.  His work is a representation of personal fascinations shaped by different life experiences, ranging from his upbringing in Africa to multi-cultural influences of his adopted home city of Toronto. Working in multimedia, Chinyama explores subject matters centered upon aspects of identity, encompassing various social, economic, political and religious connotations. Works are constructed from different man-made and natural materials, like fabrics and natural or synthetic fibers that are cut, attached and painted onto canvas or panels creating various forms, patterns and shapes. Chinyama’s practice can be described as a form of an adaptation to different life transformations,  and a reflection of how we mirror and respond to significant social changes at any given time. To investigate this theme, he often experiments with unfamiliar materials, exploring how they fit in and relate to each other when placed in different frames that assign to them a new function.


2021- CDI College , Toronto, Canada.

2001-Harare Polytechnic College, Harare  Zimbabwe ( Fine Art & Design)

1999- National Gallery of Zimbabwe School of Visual Art &Design, Harare Zimbabwe

1996 -Peter Birch School of Art, Harare, Zimbabwe


2018-   Jurors Choice Award, Scarborough Annual Art Exhibition, Toronto Canada

201-  RBC New-comer Artist Business Mentor-ship Grant, Neighborhood Arts Network, Toronto, Canada

2018-  RBC New-comer Artist Mentorship Grant, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto Canada

2018-  RBC New-Comer Artist Access Grant, Neighborhood Arts Network, Toronto,                        
2005- Outstanding 2 Dimensional work (Painting) National Arts Merit Awards, Harare,                
2013- Outstanding 2 Dimensional work (visual Arts) National Arts Merit Awards, Harare              


2003- National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

2004 -African Colors Workshop, Harare Zimbabwe
2006- OLD Masters Interpreted, National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

2010- Into Africa  Gallery, Wensbach, Georgensmund, Germany
2010-15- Masterclass workshops, Academie Des Arts, Avignon, France

2018- Art Connections, Toronto, Ontario Canada



National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe

NMB Banking Corporation, Harare Zimbabwe

FBC Bank, Harare Zimbabwe

Starfm Radio Station, Harare, Zimbabwe

Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG), Zimbabwe

Arcol Magazine, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Fortune Street Advertising Agency, London UK

Betendorf Galerie I'm Schloss Garten, Leimen Germany

Sankaraka Gallery, New York, USA 

Canadian Embassy, Harare Zimbabwe

US Embassy Harare, Zimbabwe

Vatican Embassy Harare, Zimbabwe

Polish Consulate, Harare, Zimbabwe