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Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021-David Chinyama Exhibition_ Galerie Colorida_ Lisbon Portugal 

2020-Confinement Diaries_ Kunstmatrix, Online_Toronto _Canada

2019- Sacred Narrative_ Arts Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2016- The Griot’ Call_ Village Unhu, Harare, mbabwe

2016- Silent Revolutions_ Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2016- Painted Vibes 11_ Amazwi Gallery, Saugatuck, MI, USA

2012- Lands of Solitude_ National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Mutare,  Zimbabwe

2015- Expressions of Zimbabwe_ Galerie Confluences, Perigueux, France

2010- Painted Vibes 1_Galerie Into Africa, Wensbach, Germany

2010- David Chinyama Exhibit_ Betendorff Gallerie, Leimen, Guangeloch, Germany

2009- 7days Theory_ National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

2008- Blue- Richard Rennie Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

2008- Unveiling the Truth_ Seed Gallery, New York, Zimbabwe

2006- David Chinyama Solo_ Richard Rennie Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

2006- Blessings of Summer_ National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Mutare, Zimbabwe

2006- Potency of Time_ Seed Gallery, New York. USA

2005- Under the African Sun_ Gallery Sankaraka, New York, USA

2004- Visual Poetry_ National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

2003- This world in Color_ Zimbabwe Germany Society, Harare Zimbabwe

2002- The Hard Way Up- Art Café , Harare, Zimbabwe

Selected Two-Person Exhibitions

2020- Diasporic Meditations (with Masimba Hwati)_ArtSpace 263_Toronto_ ON Canada

2019- Togetherness_ KunstSmedjen, Roskilde, Denmark

2019- Converging Passages (With Curtia Wright)_918 Bathurst Centre for Culture Arts &Media_ Toronto_ON Canada, 

2007- Vibes, Oracles ‘n Pledge_(with Masimba Hwati), National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2003-  Expressions (with Fredy Tauro) Art Cafe, Harare, Zimbabwe

Selected group Exhibitions

2021-Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition_Toronto_ON Canada 

2021- Vancouver Art Fair_Vancouver_ BC  Canada (Up-coming)

2021- Vibes, Proverbs & Dead Metaphors_ ArtSpace 263/Artsy_ Toronto_ ON Canada

2020-Artist Project_ Toronto_ON  Canada

2019- Paint 2019_ John B Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON Canada

2019- Color and Form 67th Juried Exhibition, Etobicoke Civic Center Art Gallery_Toronto_ON  Canada

2019- The Other Art Fair_ Chicago, Illinois USA

2019- RBC Newcomer Artist Spotlight Exhibition, Steam-whistle Brewery, Toronto_ON  Canada

2019- Scarborough Annual Art Exhibition, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Scarborough Toronto_ON  Canada,

2018- The Views are different Here_ John B Aird Gallery_Toronto_ ON Canada 

2018- On Future, Words and Images_ Toronto Centre for the Arts _ North York_ ON Canada_

2018- Desire Lines_ Steam-Whistle Gallery _Toronto

2016- 3rd Art Prize_ Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

2015- Alternative-Light 5_ Monte-Carlo, Monaco

2014- Annual show (Zimbabwe heritage) _ National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

2014- Zimbabwe summer exhibitions_ Gallery Confluence, Perigeux , France

2013/5-Arternative-Light 3_ Monte-Carlo, Monaco

2011- Arternative-light 1_ Monte-Carlo, Monaco

2010- Live N’ Direct_ National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

2006-Blessings of Summer_ Richard Rennie Gallery, Harare_ Zimbabwe

2004/7-Art for Hope_ RTG Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe

2004- Harare Biennale_ National Gallery Of Zimbabwe, _Harare, Zimbabwe

2003- The World Is Color, Zimbabwe-German Society, Harare

2002- African Artsist Exhibition_ Dumela African Arts Gallery, Chicago

2001- Harare Artist Group_Mukuvisi Park, Harare, Zimbabwe

1998-20014- Veranda group shows_ Veranda Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe 

2000- Hartman House Charity Exhibition, Hartman House, Harare

1997-2001- Young Artists Exhibition_Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe

1999- Invited Artists Exhibition, Gallery Inner-space, Harare

1999- Zimbabwe Art Exhibition, London, England

1999- Cotco Exhibition_ National Gallery of Zimbabwe

1997-99- Zimbabwe Heritage_ National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

1998- Juxta Position_ Gallery Inner-Space, Harare, Zimbabwe

1998-9- BAT Final Year Students Exhibition_National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe


Permanent Public and Private Collections

National Gallery of Zimbabwe_ Harare, Zimbabwe

NMB Banking Corporation, Harare, Zimbabwe

Star Fm Radio Station_ Harare, Zimbabwe

FBC Banking Corporation_ Harare, Zimbabwe

Reserve bank of Republic of Zimbabwe_ Harare, Zimbabwe

Parliament of the Republic of Zimbabwe_ Harare, Zimbabwe

Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG)_ Harare, Zimbabwe

Arcol Margazine _Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Fortune-Street Ad Agency_ London United, Kingdom

Sankaraka Gallery, New York, USA

Beterndorf Galerie Im Schloss Garten, Leimen, Germany

Canadian Embassy, Harare, Zimbabwe

US Embassy –Harare_ Harare, Zimbabwe

Vatican Embassy-Harare_ Harare, Zimbabwe

Dutch Embassy-Harare_Harare, Zimbabwe



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